Monday, May 25, 2009

Bald is beautiful?

This afternoon I decided to take this whole hair-loss thing into my own hands. So, with the help of the girls and Aunt Vickie... and a pair of clippers.... I made it happen. We took some pictures along the way, so you might see a photo or two of me with a Mohawk one of these days. Check out the funky earrings I'm wearing. A dear old friend, Auntie Lois, brought me a whole bag of fun earrings (the concept is to draw attention away from the bald it working?) Everyone keeps telling me that I have a cute round head but I'm still not completely convinced that the GI Jane look is for me. Regardless, I'm happy that it's over.

Originally, I wanted to turn this whole head-shaving thing into a fundraiser. I thought about inviting people over and letting them take turns cutting my hair (for a small price). I pictured wine, appetizers, and laughter but when the time came it turned into a personal moment. I hope all my friends and family understand my decision to make this private.

I am going to crawl in bed with Ricky and try to rest. I haven't been sleeping much the past few days and my headaches have been annoying. I'm hoping the headaches disappeared with the hair.

Goodnight for now-
Dream Big


Anonymous said...

You are beautiful! Hair is over-rated. I love you!

Angie & Shannon

Anonymous said...

I think you are absolutely beautiful with or without hair (in fact, I kinda think I like the bald thing the best!)

Please keep us all posted on the lung transplant idea. I am not sure why you would not jump at the chance, but at the sanme time I am SURE I don't have the whole story. Thanks and God bless your whole wonderful family...

Anonymous said...

Very cute...Your smile takes all the attention, keep smiling and no one will even notice.

Miss you,


Anonymous said...

You look beautiful! No apologies needed to anyone for the choices you make in your life - about shaving your head or about anything! As I always remind my "fellow cancer friends", "there is no RIGHT or WRONG way to live with cancer, just YOUR way.

I had my mohak moment, too. Who knew that losing your hair could actually have it funny moments.

Love you more than all the raindrops on my window this morning,

Anonymous said...

You look marvelous darling...Just marvelous

Anonymous said...

just wait until it grows back, my husbands came back thicker and darker. His bald spot filled in also. Be careful with the headaces his 1st chemo gave him horrible headaces they gave him oxy which he got hooked on, not good going thru withdrawal and chemo.

Jessica Musgrave said...

You look just as fabulous as always!
Love, Jessica

Anonymous said...

You really are just as beautiful with no hair! You have georgeous eyes, a beautiful smile and an inner spirit that no head of hair could ever outshine!

Celebrate the freedom from bad hair days till it grows back! :)

Much love to you & your family