Thursday, May 07, 2009

Brain Overload

This week has been filled (to the brim) with more information than I'd ever imagined I could comprehend.  Today we had another doctor's appointment.  This time it was with the lung transplant doctor.  He was pretty amazing.  From the time he walked into the exam room until the time he left, he talked.  He told us everything we could possibly need to know about transplants.  I will tell you that if I ever decide to have a transplant, he will definitely be the doctor who does it.  Smart, informative, brilliant.

This morning before we went to the appointment, Carol Lin from the Lungtube interviewed me again.  Then, Bonnie and I were videotaped in the car on the way to the city.  I guess there will be a 4th "webisode" for your viewing pleasure.  

Last night we went out for dinner with a friend of Bonnie's (Deb Flannigan - Flannie as she likes to be called).  My tummy is still hurting from all the laughter.  I swear, when I get home I'm going to need to rest from all the excitement I've had.

I'm missing my family (though Bonnie and Tony are doing their best to make me feel at home).  I get home on Sunday (Mother's Day) and we're going to celebrate at Angie's.

I'll write more later, but dinner is just about ready so I'd better go help set the table.

Keep dreaming big,

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