Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Taco Tuesday

I had a great lunch today with the ladies from work. We haven't gotten together in a long time. Well, they always go to lunch on Tuesday....I'm just not always there. (Chemo Tuesday/Friday routine got in the way).

Tomorrow is my PET/CT scan so I had a routine to follow today to prepare my body for the test. Low carbs, lots of water, no exercise or heavy lifting, nothing after 8:00pm. As with any restrictions, now that I know I can't have anything....I'm hungry for a snack! I'm going to go get a nice big glass of water and fill my tummy.

Thanks to all of you who've watched the Lungtube. Your comments and e-mails are very touching. So glad you've all enjoyed it.

I'd better get to bed. I've gotta get up at 5:45am tomorrow. Ugh!

Keep dreaming big,

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CFCina said...

Continuing to send lots of hugs, happy thoughts & prayers to you all!

Did you get the little early b-day present from Charlie in the mail? Yes, I know we were a month early, but it was just too BIG to not send ya early!

Love Kathy (Relay friend in Oregon)