Monday, April 06, 2009

Meditation Monday

I was pleasantly surprised to wake up to such beautiful weather again today. My day was filled with visitors, first my friend Kim, next came Jake, then my sister in law Denise and great niece Shailee. My company lasted until about 3:30 – 4:00 when I got ready to go to my first MEDITATION class. I met Janeen and we both really enjoyed it. What an easy way to calm your body, soul and mind.

After class, I arrived home to a houseful of March Madness Maniacs. (They were not really maniacs but that sounded better than March Madness watchers). Sarah Schmenauer brought dinner over (that her mom had prepared) then stayed to watch the game and have dinner with us. What a houseful we had. Jake, Angie, Amy, Rick, Shannon, Mel, Sarah and me (Megan had a late night so she couldn't join us). If you didn’t have your TV on, North Carolina won. So did Shannon in some pool she was in. Luckily it was in Oregon, or Amy would have confiscated all the money and called it illegal. Ok, maybe not, but she would have teased her about it.

It’s chemo again for Rick and I tomorrow so after our houseful of people left, we headed down to Seattle for our early morning appointments. It’s so much nicer to wake up 10 minutes from our destination than fight the early morning Seattle traffic. Thanks Mel for making our life a little easier.

April is a busy month for us. Today is my nephew Jason’s birthday, my niece Darlena’s birthday is coming up fast, our anniversary, Jake’s birthday, Palm Springs vacation, Easter, tax day, & CT scans. With all this excitement…we’re bound to have some great days ahead.

It’s getting late, so I’d better call it a night. Rick and I have been feeling pretty good lately. Finally healing from the RSV and upper respitory infections. We've got friends to play with on vacation. We need to get better FAST!

I’ll write more tomorrow if I’m not asleep all afternoon.

Dream Big,

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raecatherine said...

hope your joint infusion day went well, hopefully we'll get another day of sunshine to enjoy soon!