Friday, March 20, 2009

Sickness Sucks

I went to Stanwood to see my parents after I finished teaching today. I only went up to see my parents once this week and have been doing my best to avoid their germs at all cost. Today, however, was an exception. I missed them... not to mention Shannon and I thought it sounded like more fun watching the NCAA March Madness games on my parents big screen TV rather than on ours.

To be very honest with you, my mom is frustrated and tired of being sick. I know that she has been "sick" for nearly 3 years with Cancer but it is this recent battle with RSV that has pushed her to a whole new level. She is tired of having to call the Cancer Care Alliance to see what they have planned next, or how her scan results came back, or if she is allowed to be in the same room as my dad since she is not 100% sure that her virus is gone. She just wants them to be the ones making contact with her and keeping her in the loop rather than the other way around. After a tearful conversation with her oncologist this evening she seems to be more hopeful that he will help her through this rocky road that she is currently traveling. I think it helped her to be re-assured that he is always a phone call or email away.

When we left my parents house tonight my dad was asleep on the couch with a bad headache and my mom was getting ready to throw some dinner in the oven (thanks to the donated dinner from a Stanwood School District employee. Thanks!) We are hoping that some rest and relaxation over the weekend will help them feel a little bit better.

Dreaming of Cough-less nights,


Jan & Julie said...

I read your blog daily and am in awe of the strength and grace of which you are both dealing with the hand that you have been dealt. Cancer affects the entire family, as I can attest to, and your family is extra special. You have a wonderful family and you are in my thoughts and prayers daily. Jan

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