Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's gonna get better around here...

Over the past 3 weeks, I've tried my best to keep life as normal as I knew how. It hasn't worked. I haven't done much of anything, yet I'm exhausted, emotional and tired most of the time. I thought it was all because of the "virus" but I don't think that's entirely the problem. My life (which is normally quite boring) has been in constant disarray. Though I've been coughing for the past 3 years, this cough is different. I actually feel a little bit "crazy" from it. Not only have I felt crummy, but I missed an entire cycle of chemotherapy. I've not been to my doctor's office for my general appointments in almost a month. The clinical trial coordinator is looking into the criteria to make sure I can even continue to do this trial because of how many infusions I've missed. Food doesn't interest me. I don't sleep well. Writing on the blog has become a chore because my words don't seem to make sense anymore. It's easy to understand how any one of these things can knock you off your feet, but when you put them all together and add a sick husband I guess it's understandable that I'm struggling with sanity issues.

I appreciate all your love and concern and want to assure you that one of these days the "old Doreen" will be back. I'm not sure how long this recovery process will take but please be patient with me. If I haven't blogged and you're worried, then just send me an e-mail at I promise to write back.

I love you more than all the flower bulbs sticking their little heads through the dirt. (I need to get well soon since spring is one of my favorite times of the year)

Dreaming Restless in Stanwood,


Anonymous said...


Don't worry about writing your blog or about anything else for that matter. Just rest and take care of yourself and your precious Rick so you can both enjoy the spring, summer, fall, winter......

Love you more, too!

Anonymous said...

Ditto the above - whatever feels like a chore let it go and concentrate on yourself and your family. Love you oodles girl!