Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Today is the day of LOVE (though I'd like to think all days should be celebrated this way). Rick and I slept in (and I'm not kidding. I had to make lunch when we got up because it was too late for breakfast). We're having a laid back day. Jake and Megan will be joining us soon and then we're going to an anniversary party tonight.

Yesterday I heard something that really struck my heart. When you are lucky enough to find your one true love, be careful not to get so comfortable in your relationship, that you take advantage of that gift of love. Make sure to look at your partner everyday and remember what attracted you in the first place. Thank them for making you laugh when you need it most. Or for loving you unconditionally. Sometimes, you might need to remind them how lucky they are to have you (but that is a whole different love story). Just kidding, I've been reminding Rick how lucky he is since the day we got married. I just don't want him to forget. He says he won't...but with the chemo brain, you never know.

It's been awesome having this whole week off from chemo. The week was filled with lots of fun and projects. Last night, Rick and I picked up our friends Dave and Val and we went out for dinner at the Conway Tavern. My stomach is still hurting from laughing while listening to the Karaoke. The music and sound system were so loud. The place was jam packed with people. I asked Val half way through the evening, "am I getting old, why does the music have to be so loud, have you ever heard of that song?". The answer is, yes...I'm getting old. But wasn't that what I was dreaming for? Old Age...

I love you more than all the chocolate and flowers given today...

Until tomorrow...keep dreaming big,

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