Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Pammy

Today is Pammy, my red-headed friends birthday. She's getting very close to social security age and I encouraged her to quit her job and start collecting. That way, she'll have plenty of time to do fun things with me. She reminded me that people can't make it on their SS alone. Ok, I guess I'll let her work for a couple more years.

Scan day again tomorrow. I'm not sure what they'll find in my lungs since I assume I still have some signs of pneumonia. Let's just pray for STABILITY in the size of the tumors!

What's happening with this weather of ours...sunny one minute, snow the next. Will it ever end?

We took down our old vertical blinds in our bedroom today and I replaced them with some beautiful crinkly silky drapes...I love it! It completely changed the room. Ok, maybe not completely, but it sure looks great!

I won't know anything about the results until Friday so I probably won't write again until then.

Dream Big,

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Anonymous said...

love the changes on your blog!