Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fantastic Day

This morning I was greeted by my friends Morgan and Kelly (their 2 smiling faces) and a bouquet of sunflowers. What a way to start a day. The scan was uneventful so I hoping for great results tomorrow. Stable....stable....stable.... I do have a stomache ache this evening (probably from the stuff I have to drink before the scan) but no will be gone in the morning, just in time for chemo. After our day at SCCA, the 3 of us went to lunch at one of Amy and Melana's favorite places to eat; Tutta Bella. Awesome salad (on a flatbread) and brick oven baked pizzas. We made it back home just in time for Kelly to pick her son up from school. The day couldn't have been planned any better. Thanks girls for the special day.

On the way home this afternoon I got a phone call from Angie saying that I needed to call Rick at work because she needed to tell us something "together" and he can put us on a conference call. (Needless to say he got new phones and doesn't know how to do the "conference" part anymore) so she just told her dad the good news on his phone and I got to hear about it later. Most of you know that Angie refs high school and college women's basketball games. In the ref world it takes many years to advance as far as the state tournament. In Angie's world it happened today. She got a call that she'll be officiating at the State 4A women's basketball tournament in Tacoma next week (where Rick and I have gone every year since the early 90's). We are so excited to have the opportunity to see our daughter officiate some of the greatest games of her life.

One of the things on my bucket list was to be able to watch Angie work her way to the top in this career. She was an amazing little player back in the days. The last time she was on the floor in the Tacoma Dome was when her high school team was competing for what she hoped was the state title. Instead, she tore her ACL in the 2nd quarter of the first game and never entered another high school game.

She was a very emotional today when she called. She's always hoped to be chosen by her peers to get an opportunity like this, but more importantly she was so elated that her dad and I are still here to see it. I've cried tears of joy all afternoon. Do you think I should wear a shirt in the crowd that says "I love my Ref". Ok, just kidding. I do need to get her hair lightened and cut so she looks her best on the evening news highlights :) I'm attaching a photo of Angie and Susie (Shannon's golden doodle) with her Ruf-fur-ree shirt on. She wanted to get in on the action and congratulate Angie as well.

Only 2 more days till my babies turn 32....Wow, when I say that out loud it kind of hurts. I'm having the kids up for dinner on Sunday to celebrate the February birthdays. I can't wait to see them all.

Amy has a rec league basketball game tonight and if she wins, she'll play in her championships next Thursday night. Jake's 7th grade girls basketball team is 3 -1. I'm telling you, just when I thought I was done watching hoops, they've come back into our lives in different ways and I couldn't be prouder of the kids.

You'll hear from one of us tomorrow about how the scan went.

Until then, Dream Big!
Love you more ~ Dor

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