Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sorry I missed you yesterday.

Yesterday, after a busy morning of working on household repairs, I called my mom (Myrna) for our morning chat. What I'd discovered was that she was taken to the hospital at 3:30 the previous morning....she just forgot to call me (on purpose) so I wouldn't worry about it. Apparently, mom has a bad gallbladder and will be scheduled for surgery very soon. We couldn't rush right home because we had half our house torn apart. The kids have all been there representing our family and giving grandma all the love she needs. I've been keeping in contact with someone all day long. I think they're getting tired of me. :)

Everything is in working order, roofs have been repaired, any mess that we made was cleaned up. Today has been a wonderful day visiting with Reid, Cathy, Bob and Dy. We just came down to Uncle Mel and Aunt Jessie's new house to check it out! What a nice place they have. When we woke up this morning we'd had a dusting of snow. How beautiful it is!

I'd better get back to my company, but I promise to write more soon if I learn anything new about my mom.

Dreaming Big,

P.S. I forgot to mention that last night while we played Apples to Apples...Reid was the Champion of the World...not that we're competitive or anything.

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