Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Meeting with Dr. Jablons!

Chemo went well for both Rick and I yesterday, however it was a VERY LONG day. We stopped and picked up Chinese food for dinner and were blessed by all the kids showing up to see how we did (all by ourselves) and they joined us for a little supper.

I woke up this morning feeling very rested and without too many achy joints. I took a shower, headed to Angie's house for a few minutes to see how her rearranging is coming along (the house always looks adorable) then headed down to Jake and Megan's apartment to wait for the Comcast guy to set up their TV and Internet service.

Once I was done at the apartment, I met up with Dr. Jablons from San Francisco and we talked about lungs for an hour and a half. He is a very smart wonder the kids came back from California with a positive outlook. We've agreed that I need to take a trip to San Francisco and have another opinion by his team as well as the transplant team. He assured me that he'll be my doctor from afar so anytime I have a question, I'm suppose to call his cell phone. I think he really meant it. Amazing man. We'll never know if I'm a good candidate unless we check it out. After a nice visit with him, I headed back to Jake and Megan's apartment to spend the night since I have an appointment in Seattle again tomorrow.

It's time for me to start thinking about going to bed. I have another big day ahead of me tomorrow. Let's hope the scan goes well and I can continue this trial.

Dreaming Big,

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