Saturday, December 06, 2008

All is well...

I told you earlier this week that it would be a busy one...and boy, was that an understatement.
I had a scan on Thursday that would determine if I could continue the clinical trial (because of blood work and other trial stuff, I was at SCCA for about 4 hours). Then, an appointment on Friday to get the results, have a doctors appointment, then chemo if all went well. Dr. Eaton (being the great guy that he is) called my cell phone and left a message on Thursday night saying the scan came out good and I would continue the trial. What he didn't realize was...his voice message was number 17 that I hadn't listened to. Oops. So when we got to the appointment on Friday, he said "so you got my message? The scan looked good!". Needless to say, Amy was not very pleased with me. Rick said he should take my phone away from me if I wasn't going to check my messages. Like I said. Oops! I was busy. I thought I had returned all the calls I had "missed", but apparently not. I'll try to get better. Please know if you have something REALLY important to tell should just keep trying my cell phone until I pick up.

Chemo went well again yesterday but I had lunch while my infusion was taking place. I think that helped me stay awake, because on the way home we stopped at the Alderwood Mall and shopped for a few hours. My body felt a little overwhelmed this morning when I woke up, but I'm feeling much better now.

Rick and I are going to Mt. Vernon today to get him "measured" for his tux, take his wedding ring to the jeweler to have it made smaller (since it keeps falling off), look for a few Christmas gifts, go to the beauty supply store, stop at Costco then head back home. We're hoping that doesn't take more than a few hours or I might be asleep in the car and he'll have to do all the rest of the stuff on his own. Oh, did I mention...Rick doesn't like to shop?

Rick and I never grew up with house pets, but for some reason, I can't get it out of my mind to find the perfect little doggy to love. We just need our little buddy to travel well so he can go to Desert Aire with us. I don't know if I have him sold on it yet, but I'll keep working it... I think we'll call him "Lucky".

Love you more than all the Christmas shoppers we'll run into today....

Dream Big,


Anonymous said...

Hey i can hook you up with a little dog that travels well! But it end's there! Pat ;)

Dave in MT said...

Silly wabbit. Have you forgotten the rules of men's shopping?

1. Predetermine purchase.
2. Enter store.
3. Locate item.
4. Deal quickly with any curve balls (new model, style, etc.)
5. Puchase item. Say no to warranty.
6. Leave store.
7. Open item. Discard all instructions.
8. Use item.

See? Very simple and straightforward.


Anonymous said...

You can borrow Susie anytime you want to. She is a great cuddler and love's it at Desert Aire. :)