Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

Christmas Day started out a little different than we had planned, or wanted. Rick and I ended up in a ditch. Well, I guess not literally in a ditch, but kind of. We were a mile from home, driving slowly on our way to my Brother and Sister-in-law's house for a nice breakfast with the family when all of a sudden the snow and slush on the side of the road sucked us in. A number of other cars made it into the ditch in the same area. We had a bunch of people stop and try to pull us out but there was no traction. We finally made it out of the ditch and made it to Jeff and Dawn's house, but an hour late and a little freaked out.

This snow can stop anytime. We have a wedding in a few days and the last thing we need is someone in an accident on Saturday. Angie didn't meet up with us today because she has been in Portland for a few days. She will come back into town tonight. After watching us in the ditch, Jake decided he should probably skip breakfast and head down south to make sure he has plenty of time to pick up his groomsman from the airport this evening. We will see all of the kids tomorrow at the rehearsal dinner.

It was nice to see all of the family this morning. Rick and I are very grateful for another wonderful year with all of you. Time flies when you're having fun and I think you know how much fun we have enjoying life to the fullest. We are exhausted this afternoon but we have friends flying into town tonight so I better get this posted and take a nap so I have some energy when they get here.

Dream Big-
Ho, Ho, Ho


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