Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Chatty Tuesday

Yesterday wasn't one of my better days. Flu like syptoms, coughing spells, chills and sweats. I called the doctor to let him know (I always feel so dumb doing that but they say they need to know these things).

My day wasn't a complete waste. I made invitations for the rehearsal dinner and got them sent out today.

When I got online last night to tell you about my "exciting" day on the couch...the internet wasn't working. Sorry :(

Today I feel like a new woman. Not necessarily new and improved. Just new. I had plenty of errands to run, then Taco Tuesdaywith the girls, drug pick-up at Haggen, (thanks to one of you my 25 dollar co-pay was taken care of)

While I was at Haggen I talked to my friend Sandy for what seemed to be an hour. We were laughing and talking and laughing some more. I'm sure people had no idea that what we were talking about was a single event that changed our lives forever. Her husband was recently diagnosed with Melanoma (stage 3) and he is now in the process of figuring out what to do from here. I think they've got it figured out. The best way to survive this is to have your partner right next to you making those important quality of life decisions. He had a clean PET scan today and that was the best news they've heard. Have I mentioned lately that you should wear sunscreen? Even in the winter. The sun is always shooting down it's rays even if you can't see them.

Every Tuesday night I love to watch Biggest Loser. I've been wanting Vickie to get voted off each week...she's just a trouble maker. I generally lie on the couch or in bed and watch this show about losing weight and having a healthy lifestyle. What just dawned on me is the other great joy I have while watching this show is eating a bowl of popcorn with butter and a little salt. If I'm not mistaken, they don't encourage laying down eating food. They don't encourage butter on anything. Perhaps if I want to look like the biggest loser winners, I ought to watch the show from a treadmill with a bottle of water. Maybe I would see some results. Wow, what a bummer of a realization.

I've gotta go now. I just tivo'd the first hour of biggest loser and I'm going in to watch who wins it all.

Dreaming of Popcorn,


Anonymous said...

I agree with you Vickie is a trouble maker and needs off. Now maybe I undestand better why I am not losing weight watching the show, you have to diet and exercise, bummer oh well maybe next year

Anonymous said...

Your funny. Sometimes it takes a little thinking power a little observation, and a little more thinking power. Starting out with the arm movement of running motions... and maybe a flip of the fingers. :) Hope you are feeling better.!

Anonymous said...

Hey Doreen, I agree about Vicki - I am SO disappointed that she is still on the show. I don't think she stands a chance to be the biggest loser tho', just a loser.
I drink diet coke with my buttered popcorn while watching the show - don't you think that negates the popcorn calories?!
Love you more,
Linda Z.

Anonymous said...

Just when I think I can't be more impressed with you, then I read that you don't like Vickie on the Biggest Looser also! Every week I get sucked into that show! My vote is for Michelle to win.What's yours?
Happy Holidays to you and your family!
A fan in Oregon- Karen