Thursday, October 02, 2008

Pajama Thursday

I woke up this morning with a fabulous idea to stay in my PJ's all day so I wouldn't leave the house. It was a great idea until I learned I needed a few things at the store. I cheated a little and called my dad to see if he was coming up my way "by chance". Of course, my dad came through for me (like always). He stopped by the store and got me the supplies I was missing so I could make "Peach Salsa with a Twist" and soup for dinner.

Picture this: Me in the kitchen in pajamas that don't match, I haven't combed my hair, I have chicken corn chowder cooking on the stove for dinner, pots of water on the stove for canning my "salsa", knives, tomatoes, peaches, onions, spices, peppers, etc. spread out all over the counters. I worked for 2 hours getting the salsa "just right" and when I went to distribute it into the canning filled 2 quart jars and 2 pint jars. I wasted 2 1/2 hours and a made a huge mess for 4 jars of salsa. All I can say is... "it better be good". Thank goodness only 3 people stopped by while I was looking "so good". My dad, my brother in law and the UPS lady. As long as there wasn't a hidden camera in anyone's pocket....we'll be ok.

It was nice to stay home all day for a change. It was a dark and dreary day (reminded me a little bit like Halloween). Those are the best kind of days to get work done.

Shannon has more surgery tomorrow to remove the melanoma that's left on her tummy. We'll be keeping her in our thoughts and prayers all day and wish for good results next week. Let's hope that all this stuff we've been dealing with lately will be gentle reminders for all of you to check for unusual moles, get your mammograms and colonoscopies, have annual check ups, get scans when it's your time, listen to your body...and your doctor...and me (Dr. Dor).

Rick is in bed asleep already. The rest really does his body good. He has been eating better the past few days and that makes me happy :)

Don't forget, Early Detection Saves Lives..

Dreaming Big,

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