Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nothing But Brains

Being the impatient person that I am, I have called my mom 15 times today to see how her tests and scans were going. She answered the phone zero times. Dor tends to make her journey to the hospital with either a cell phone that is 95% dead, or a cell phone that has its ringer turned up to the highest possible level so it scares her and everyone else in the waiting room when the phone rings. Clearly, today wasn't choice number two as somone surely would have heard at least one of my 15 phone calls. Nonetheless, my curiousity and impatience caused me to email her doctor and ask for results. See, when you are one of the "caregivers" for someone, you get to be on their HIPPA list which entitles you to their medical information. Today was the first day I tried out my HIPPA qualifications and the process worked out nicely.

While still waiting for my mom to call, my phone rang and it was her doctor. He said, "Your mom's scan came back great. There is nothing but brains in her head." I asked if my mom seemed relieved when he told her. He laughed and said, "She's not answering her cell phone so I can't give her the good news." I told him not to feel bad because she was ignoring all of us. If I find out that her and Jana are out playing somewhere and avoiding us, Jana is going to be fired from her role of HOV buddy. Actually, I guess I don't care. As long as the doctor shares the good news with the rest of us, those two can find out when they read the blog.

So there you go, finally a little bit of good news.

Brains, Brains, nothin' but brains-


Anonymous said...

Thank you Amy for keeping track of you mom today...p.s. just tell us where to sign up to be Dor's new HOV buddy's. Pat and Susie

Anonymous said...

well if it is any comfort, my motherrarely h as her phone turned on, she delivers flowers part time and he calls me at work to find her, must be a mom thing
At least there is some good news

shelley said...

YEA! What great news! :)
We are doing a little happy dance down here!

love, shelley and jonathan