Tuesday, October 28, 2008

No Good News

Last night we had a really fun night at dinner, watched football and addressed invitations to a shower. We all got a pretty good night's sleep. Then...we had to wake up. In retrospect, I wish we had just stayed in bed. My port was installed without a problem (although I am pretty sore and drugged up). When I was done in recovery my sister in law and I went up to Rick's doctors appointment where the girls were sitting with him. I knew the second I entered the room that there was much more to the story than I wanted to hear. Rick's cancer is getting worse.

Due to Rick's cancer getting worse, they have taken him completely off the clinical trial, and he didn't have chemo today. It is not known yet if he has the right gene for the next drug Urbitux, so until we know anything, they won't be giving him the new drug. He will be having chemo with me next Tuesday to see if a different combination of the drugs he has tried in the past will have any effect on the cancer cells.

We're all feeling overwhelmed. Rick seems dazed and sad. I wish I could do more but I just had my little surgery this morning so I'm a little drugged up and that only makes me cry more.
We are a hopeful, happy, competitive family but today it has been hard to find a smile. We can all use a nap and some time to re-group.

I might write more later, but I'm feeling kind of cruddy myself.

Big Dreamer,


Anonymous said...

It is very tough to hear that kind of an update... however, you have a wonderful medical staff working for you, and if there is a way, some hope, some 'stability', a cure - any and everything, they will do whatever they can.
And your support staff... need we say more? We all love you!
Feel better, fight, but most of all, love and enjoy each other and your family. Hey, those sound like YOUR words!

Anonymous said...

love you dor! keep being the strong person that you are and remember that we all love you guys. lots.

Anonymous said...

Love & hugs to you and your family. We're shedding tears for you tonight. But most of all we're praying. And, we hope you can feel the love & comfort from it.

Anonymous said...

Crap. Nap, regroup. We're thinking of you and love you.

Anonymous said...

I agree crap, hang on I am sure something will be there..

Anonymous said...

We love you, Rick, Jake and the girls.. Sending prayers... Jane L.

The Stemkoski's said...

Continuing to keep you all in our thoughts and prayers....Sending you some giant (((((((HUGS)))))))!!!! Love to you all!!!

Anonymous said...

What to say....What to do..... Prayers and Love come to mind during this most difficult of times. Remember that you 2 are role models for so many of us who treasure you and your precious family.

Don and Linda Z

Anonymous said...

My family will continue to pray for your family. My heart goes out to you. Over these past almost 3 years that I have been reading your blog you have made such a great inpact in how I look at things now. Keep fighting and keep DREAMING BIG!!!

Anonymous said...

All kinds of hugs and prayers coming your way from the Skagit Valley!

K. Conley said...

Hugs and prayers coming your way from Issaquah too!!