Sunday, October 19, 2008

30 month Cancer"versary"

When I look back over the past 30 months I am amazed. Not only for all that we've been through, but all that my friends and family have endured as well. Hopefully, this has been a time for learning to take care of ourselves, to chose our love and love our choice, never take anything for granted, get screened, ask questions, and laugh like there's no tomorrow.

For thirty months I've helped the doctors and drug company understand how valuable Tarceva can be to the right person. Hopefully, I'll be able to help them learn something great about My Infinity and Beyond drug, too. IBI-504 if you want to get technical about the name.

It's very late and I should be in bed by now but I went to my sister in law, Vickie's house and she gave me a hair cut. Oh, how I needed a make-over. With my busy weeks coming up, the last thing I needed to worry about were BAD HAIR DAYS.

Love you more than all the beautiful, colorful, changing leaves we saw today on our trip back over the pass. The mountains looked like a masterpiece. :)

Dreaming Big (with a cute new haircut),

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