Monday, September 29, 2008

Re-cap of the past couple days

Our time at Desert Aire was nice, but much too short. Saturday evening Rick's body was hurting and by the time we went home on Sunday, he just reclined his seat and slept most of the way. I had a party to attend, so we got home, I changed my clothes and got home in time to watch some season premiers of some of my favorite shows.

Rick is still feeling cruddy but he went to work anyway. I got up, had a facial (it was a gift from some friends), went to lunch with Cathy, grocery shopped, canned more peaches, had the kids all over for dinner and now it's time to head to bed so we can get up at the crack of dawn. Chemo day tomorrow...after the PET scan, CT scan, bloodwork..... Long, Long days in Seattle.

Our good friend Shannon was told today that she has melanoma. The doctor doesn't think it's in an advanced stage, but she'll have to see an oncologist and go through the motions to get a good diagnosis. She was really active with our Relay for Life this year, I think she just wants to wear a purple survivor shirt. I said she could have one. There is no need to join the "C" Club. We're praying for you Burley Girl. One day at a time :)

It is time for me to call it a day. 6:00am will come early tomorrow.

Dreaming Big,


Anonymous said...

I wonder that if Shannon had never met the Schmitt Family and never been involved in Relay for Life if she would have been so aware of symptoms and had a doctor check for melanoma.
Hooray for awareness!
You are in my prayers too, Burley Girl!


Anonymous said...

Prayers for you Shannon -

The Schmitt family support is the best.