Thursday, September 25, 2008

Grey's Anatomy Premier

Reason number 3,476,984 to live. Grey's Anatomy. I're thinking good gracious. Doesn't this woman have anything better to do with her time? The answer is a simple no. Have you seen McDreamy? Or McSteamy? I wouldn't watch it, except it's "good" for my eyes.

Still trying to recoup from my weekend in Reno. I'm not sure if it was a temperature change, all the excitement, or the overload of information I have stored in my head...but I just can't shake the dull headache, and the ugh feeling I've been having all week. It hasn't stopped me from getting a massage, going to the movies, or out to lunch with Rick, but it has slowed me down a bit.

I got a package from one of my new Relay friends from Oregon. She sent me a shirt today that says "Relay like a Rockstar". I think I'll be wearing that while I play Wii Guitar Hero. I'll post photos later.

Love you more than all the raindrops that fell in Stanwood today. Autumn is here.

Dreaming Big,


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