Friday, September 26, 2008

Getting ready for Desert Aire

We haven't been to our "little piece of sanity" in a month and I can't wait to get there. Rick has a little work to do this morning at his job, then we're off to Desert Aire. I hope to come back Sunday refreshed and feeling better. We're both looking forward to the peace and quiet.

We have amazing people in our life who every once in a while surprise us with unimaginable gifts. A few weeks ago, my friend Julie came into our house while we were gone and put my favorite phrase on the wall . Then yesterday, Jake was at a meeting with our friend (and Relayer) Karen. As Jake was leaving, she sent him home with a photo of Rick and I (at Cannon Beach) mounted on a chunky frame. I'm attaching a photo of my new wall...compliments of dear friends. Thank you ladies.

I'll admit it! I'm BLESSED.

Dreaming Big,

P.S. I just read yesterday's blog and my grammar was terrible (not to worry, I fixed it). If I plan on publishing a book someday, I'd better proofread better. :)

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