Monday, August 11, 2008

Made it home safely :)

Well, we made it back from Portland and I must say, we had a wonderful time. Yesterday was jam packed with fun, then we got home and started watching the Olympics and before I knew it, I was asleep in the chair and Angie had to wake me to go to bed. I had a bad hair day the entire time I was gone, but lucky for me, I have a sister in law that is a miracle worker and she gave me a really cute haircut tonight. I had her cut it short and I love it. I'm attaching a photo (although it's much cuter in person).

Tomorrow is scan day for Rick and like usual it's hard not to think of all the "what ifs?". I'm hoping that because he hasn't felt his best lately, that means the chemo is really working. We'll have the results on Thursday and I promise to post them when we find something out. Please keep us in your prayers.

Though Rick is feeling better than he was a couple of weeks ago, he just doesn't' feel like himself. I hope this chemo vacation is giving his body the rest it needs.

I know I haven't mentioned Lung Cancer lately and it's not that I don't think of it every day but, sometimes it just overwhelms me when I have to be "real" about it. So every chance I get, I try to pretend that it went away like it did for my friend from General Hospital. (I know it's a soap opera, but I told her once I'd like to take the medicine they were prescribing her on the show). I have a scan next Tuesday and results on Wednesday. These next couple of weeks will be emotional ones, but I believe we'll hear good news from both of our doctors.

I had a comment on Saturday's blog from a student at Purdue. Here's what he had to say: My name is Justin Guild and I’m a graduate research assistant currently working with Dr. Jeong-Nam Kim at Purdue University on a health communication study. Specifically, our research explores how information sharing behavior through online communities (such as blogs) influences coping strategies among people with chronic conditions including cancer, diabetes, depression, etc. and their family members.

I'm going to let him use our blog for their study and hopefully he'll learn some really great things. He has asked me to put a link to his "study site" on the web page and if you get a chance to do so, please take the little survey. Thanks for helping make a difference in this students life, as well as mine. (update: I just took the survey and it's directed more for people who are you know anyone like that? For now, I'm not going to put it on the blog, but instead, I'll e-mail him and let him know that my blog is for people who pretend not to be sick) Seriously, I think it's a survey for medical blog sites not "life sites".

Love you more than all the steps Lynell and I took last week (over 20 miles worth)

Dreaming Big,


The Stemkoski's said...

You did NOT have a bad hair day! I am loving the new "do" though...FUN! :)

Sending you ((((hugs)))) for you go for Rick's scan. I pray it's great news and the chemo has been working!

Hang in there my beautiful friend! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the new hair!

Scan week is the worst, pray that all results are good. My mom was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer Dec.'06, today she's still in remission. ....Believe.