Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Friday

Today was a nice day as I ran errands, made deliveries of all the items I was giving away. I met up with Megan (the daughter in law to be) and she went to Mt. Vernon with me. Jake met us later, we checked out tuxedos, I tried on dresses for the wedding (and I may have found one).

After our quick trip to Mt. Vernon, we met Rick at Amigo's for a great dinner.

I've found myself a little tearier that usual lately but I think that might be a normal response to the situation at hand. Tomorrow I think we'll go to the sidewalk sale in downtown Stanwood , then head off to a wedding of Jake's high school buddy.

Rick is doing fine. If you didn't now better, you'd think life at the Schmitt house was "just fine".

Dreaming Big,

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