Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Janeen

Today was my buddy Janeen's 55th birthday (she still looks smokin' hot) so we celebrated by spending the day at Pam's house on the lake. We had ate, laughed, went boating, ate a little more, had birthday cake then called it a night. I love spending time with my friends. It really is good medicine. Angie spent the day with us at Pam's as well. Sometimes I think she looks at me and wonders???who is the parent and who is the child??? I know she loves me even when I'm goofy. :)

After I got back from Pam's I called my favorite walker and dear friend Lynell and we went for an evening stroll. Last week we didn't miss a day, and this week we hadn't been once. It felt so good to get back out on the pavement again. I am so lucky to have such wonderful people in my life.

We get results tomorrow from the scan Rick had on Tuesday. Angie is going to meet us down there, Amy will be joining us next week for my results. Jake might join us next week as well.
After the doctor's visit, we are hightailing it over to Desert Aire for a fun filled weekend. Rick's sister Vickie and her husband will join us after work on Friday. It always proves to be silly when Vickie and I get together.

I'm very tired tonight and I'm not done packing for our weekend, so until tomorrow (someone will write on the blog as soon as we get a chance - I promise) Keep Dreaming Big,


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Anonymous said...

I will be keeping yoou in my thoughts and prayers today. i know I hate scan day and result day is just as bad or worse. It should be a great weekend here in eastern wash. 100 today and the rest of the weekend. Plus the Grant county fair is going on in moses lake, always a fun time!