Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rainy Sunday

We woke up this morning (late morning..) to wind and rain. It's been weeks since I've seen rain (when it was raining here in Stanwood, I was over in Eastern Washington) and it was actually a pleasant surprise. I love the smell of rain in the air when it's been dry for so long.

I forgot to tell you about my lawn mowing experience on Friday. Whenever I help mow the lawn (which isn't often) I only use the push mower. On Friday, Jake was going to mow all the lawns, but instead he helped in the hay field, so I said, "if you show me how to use the riding lawn mower I'll do it for you". My son, the teacher, gave me a quick little rundown on how to maneuver on the rider, how to empty the grass catcher , where to put the gas if I run out. You know, all the basics. What he forgot to mention was to pay close attention to the right side of the lawn mower because it sticks out further than the left side and you can knock things over with it. Oops. I was so busy paying attention to driving in a straight line, that I didn't notice I had taken out a rhododendron and was dragging it behind me. After I stopped laughing at my blunder, I thought...why didn't someone take that out a long time ago? Rick says if I mow many more times, our landscaping will be minimized to just a few plants. Truth is, the lawns looked beautiful so no one even cares about the 20 year old rhody.

The one thing I did notice today was how much I was coughing. I'm sure it's the wet weather. I think it's time for me to head over to the hot, dry climate of Desert Aire. :)

I've been working on the wedding list for my son and daughter in law and this is a very hard task. How do you draw the line on who to invite? I would invite all of you but there isn't enough room. I know it will be a lovely event and I promise to post photos. So, even if you're not there, you won't miss a thing. :)

I'm now heading to bed. It's a walking day again tomorrow and 7:00am comes early.
Love you more than all the raindrops in Washington today.


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Anonymous said...

As of today, the forcast for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Desert Aire is sunny and 89 degrees for each of the days. [Kravitz Korner will be Occupied! :) ]