Sunday, June 01, 2008

Wow, what a weekend!

My weekend was one of the best I've ever had. Bonnie, her daughter Andrea, and her granddaughters Bella and Charlotte arrived on Thursday around 7:30 pm. The kids were all her so we talked, laughed, ate, laughed some more, had some red wine and stayed up until midnight so we could celebrate my birthday. It was nice for me to have them at the house visiting because it kept me from spending too much time at the high school stadium getting set up for the Relay. Instead, we had coffee, went on a little tour of Stanwood (which only takes about 10 minutes), visited and rested before it was time to go to the BIG EVENT.

From the moment Jan Schemenauer rode a bicycle onto the track with her wicked witch of the West costume and broom, until the final total was announced on Saturday night we had a spectacular time. I'm a proud mother, wife, friend and committee member. When the final announcements were made, the top five fundraisers came down on the track. 4 of those 5 were Schmitt's. Amy and Rick were the top female and male fundraisers, my sister in law Dawn was second, and Angie came in 4th or 5th. The Dream Team came in as the top fundraising team with just under $25,000. As a community, we have raised over 203,000 dollars. Unbelievable!

Because Friday was also my birthday, the day was magnified with fun. My dear friends, Pam and Shelly had fireworks brought in to help with the celebration. What a delight that was for everyone. It felt like my birthday celebration went on for days. Angie had a beautiful book made for me. It was a book of photos (of my life), then bound and personalized. My friends the McCune's had a amazing gift made for me. It was a framed display of 100 things I love. Things listed on this piece of art, are things like: Taco Tuesdays, my children's names, Rick, my mom and dad, family tattoos, Desert Aire, and so much more. I also got a Chatty Cathy doll. Now, I know you're thinking...Chatty Cathy? Why would anyone want one of those? Especially, someone who is turning 50. But here's the story behind that. When I was 4 years old and my sister was 6, she got up on Christmas morning and opened all her presents and mine because she had asked Santa for a Chatty Cathy. When I awoke, I didn't have anything to unwrap. Over the next few months, my sister's doll broke, so when I wanted to get one, my parents said, no...they don't last long. I was devastated. (well probably not devastated, but it makes the story sound better). I've talked about this story many times and apparently someone heard about it, because on Friday night at the Relay there was a present wrapped for me with a note on it that said "You've been a good girl for many years, love Santa". And, you guessed it...inside was my very own Chatty Cathy. What I don't remember was how creepy she looks. No one has confessed to finding it for me, but I'll get to the bottom it. :) When the Relay was over, we had some friends and family over for a birthday celebration and BBQ. I was so exhausted by the end of the day I didn't know if I would be able to stay awake until my guests went home.

Bob and Dy surprised us from Spokane which was so thoughtful. Yesterday was such a busy day that we didn't' get to see much of them, so tonight we went out for Chinese food and bowling (and LAUGHING). We had a wonderful time. I wasn't sure how my hip would hold out because it's been bothering me so much, but it wasn't too bad and I didn't want to miss out on the fun.

I have an MRI tomorrow morning. My sister in law Vickie is going with me, then she'll want to stop at Dick's for lunch. We'll try to make a fun little day of it and maybe do a little shopping as well.

Rick is feeling much better than he was last week. Hopefully his health will just keep improving so he can continue to do the chemo as planned.

I'm so tired right now I keep nodding off while I'm typing. I promise to write more tomorrow.

Love you more than all the money raised this weekend,

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