Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Change of Plans

Next week was supposed to be chemo time for Rick. Today we talked with his oncologist and we're postponing it at least a week until he starts feeling better. Quality of life is important and as a cancer patient you get to be in charge of your own destiny. I've been noticing lately that Rick is a little disoriented and quiet. We talked about it tonight and we know it's chemo brain, but it's still a little scary so he wants to take a break and recover. I don't blame him. Next week he'll have a scan instead to make sure the treatment is working as planned.

Rick and I went to Everett today to have his shoulder re-evaluated. It's getting better (slowly) but at least he's making progress. More physical therapy. More exercises at home. When we got out of the car today to go to the orthopedic surgeon, I looked like the gimpy one (limping on my bad hip while moaning). It was a pretty sight. Maybe I'm just having sympathy pains for him and there's really nothing wrong with my hip?

We sign the paperwork for our new Desert Aire house next week and we'll be the proud owners by Father's Day weekend. I'm already getting excited to paint (not that it needs it, I just have a thing about painting...)

I have so many thank you cards to write, 2 speeches to work on as well as a handful of other jobs I'm suppose to be getting done. I'd better call it a night so I can get started on my other projects.

If you took photos at Relay and would like me to post some, please send them to my e-mail address at:

Love you more than all the money raised this weekend...
Keep dreaming big,

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Anonymous said...

The Schmitt Family.....I cannot express my gratitude enough. Bella is still telling me how much she misses ALL OF YOU!! She wants to come back soon! I had a wonderful time with everyone and I am already looking forward to next year (I have my camper ready!) Thank you again for all the great memories I am still smiling!

Love all of you! :) Andrea, Bella and Charlotte