Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Vacation Update

I'm going to make this quick. The weather is beautiful. Pam and Shelly have both come and gone (we had a great time). I love being a hostess. I really should have had my own bed and breakfast. That's not a regret. Just an afterthought.

Janeen got here yesterday so now it's just the 2 of us. We went to Bingo last night (which was quite an experience...way too much work...we left the Bingo hall with stress headaches from all the thinking we had to do). Janeen won $18 and I won $5 (I had to split mine with some other person). Today has just been a day of reading, relaxing and exploring the area.

Amy and Angie are enjoying their vacations (they went to different places), Jake has the week off for spring break (except for his job at Sylvan) so he's been chopping wood and taking care of our houses, Rick is missing me (I'm sure) but will be heading over here to join me sometime Friday. Life with the Schmitt's is Good :)

As much as I love my family and my home, it's funny how I can come over here to the Desert and just forget about the STUFF that brings sorrow to my life. As a matter of fact, if I didn't have my meds sitting by the bathroom sink...I would forget to take them.

Love you more,
than I did before....

Dream Big,

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Anonymous said...

Hi Doreen, Susie and I will be at D.A. tomorrow (thur) night around 7:00. See you then. Pat :)