Sunday, April 13, 2008

She's Back!

After a wonderful week in Eastern Washington, I'm home now. Janeen left on Friday morning, and Rick arrived on Friday afternoon. As much fun as I had with my friends, I don't like being away from my sweetie for that many days. (I think he missed me a whole bunch too) We were blessed with fantastic weather. Except for a little rain and wind on Monday, we were in the mid to high 60's/70's all week. These past 7 days have been spent reading books (I'd been meaning to read for months), listened to music, worked on improving my Wii skills, cooked for my friends, lots of laughter and a bunch of nothing in the sun...Doctor's should prescribe this kind of treatment for all their patients.

Tuesday is chemo again (the last one before the big scans next week). We're praying this new batch will be just what his body needs. I wish he felt a little better the week of chemo but he doesn't complain, so I guess it's my problem. I just worry more than usual when he isn't eating or sleeping. Or when his menu consists of root beer floats and chili burgers :)

This past week Amy and Angie have both been on vacation (out of the country) and it's the first time that our communication has been limited since the cancer diagnosis. I was hoping that we'd stay in touch via e-mail but that doesn't work very well for me at the Desert (I'm checking into a new wireless plan tomorrow). I knew I was fortunate to have kids that liked to talk to their momma at least once a day, I just didn't realize that momma needed it more than they did. When I did get a chance to read my e-mail I was so happy to see they were having the vacations of a lifetime. Angie came to Stanwood when she got home this afternoon. As you can imagine (with the olive skin) she's very brown....all eyes and teeth. She got the most out of her 7 days in Mexico.

Jake was home taking care of Rick and Angie's kitty, Fuzz while we were all out playing. He's a good boy. I think we'll keep him.

I haven't talked to Amy today, but this evening she had the opportunity to listen to Lance Armstrong at the event she's attending in the Bahamas. I'm sure if she was able to get close enough, she talked his ear off. A few days ago, she helped put bicycles together for an orphanage in Nassau. What was that saying I mentioned a few weeks back? If you're not're not living.

I'm actually feeling really good right now. The back ache is still there, but I try to ignore it. The only thing bothering Rick is his shoulder and his shins (he's been cutting wood with Jake and logs keep rolling onto his boney shins...ouch). Life is wonderful journey as long as you remember to wear your seatbelt for the bumps in the road.

I promise I'll be keeping this blog up to date every day, now that I'm home. I realized how much I get from sharing my daily concerns or joys with all of you. I hope I haven't forgotten how to write.

Until tomorrow,
Dream Big & Livestrong~

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