Thursday, April 03, 2008

Thankful Thursday

With the help of so many of you, Aaron is getting closer to his dog and new "best friend". Again, I know it seems like we're always asking for things...but I heard once that if "you're not giving, you're not living"...and I wanna LIVE.

This morning Rick woke up with blood all over his t-shirt and the pillow case. After a moment of panic (I thought the blood had come from the port-a-cath in his chest) we discovered that the tooth he had pulled 9 days ago was bleeding. Because of his blood thinners, it takes a little longer for him to heal. Rick has been extra fatigued lately but that's to be expected. By the sounds of my blogs lately, it sounds like a bunch of old sick people live at our house. Trust me, we're doing fine, his mouth stopped bleeding and he's feeling "pretty good".

I had a very nice day today with my friend Kim from Snohomish. As I pulled into her driveway, I was enveloped by a wave of daffodils. She had every color and kind of bulb you could imagine. I told her we could just stay at her house all day and look out the window at the beauty, but instead we went to lunch at a spectacular restaurant, then walked around the quaint little town of Snohomish for a bit. I need to go there more often. You can't help but feel nostalgic in a town like that. I got my oil changed, stopped by Angie's house (she was in bed with a migraine), then came home and made a "real dinner". Salmon & rice pilaf with zucchini. Yum~

Last night we had a great turnout at our Relay For Life Meeting. I can't believe how many people have become motivated to make this another successful year. We have a special new club called the 1K club. Anyone who raises $1,000 or more gets a hooded sweatshirt with a cool design on the front, putting them in this elite club. So far we have 8 people who've hit this mark. 5 of those people are from Doreen's Dream Team. We set a team goal of $20,000 and so far we've raised close to $10,000. I'm so proud to be surrounded by these amazing people.

I'm getting excited to spend a few days at Desert Aire next week. I'll try to remember to bring my camera and take photos. Hopefully the smiles on our faces will let you know how much we love being over there.

Time to think about going to bed. I need to try and get a full, dreamless, peaceful night's sleep for a change. I'm definitely lacking in the beauty sleep department.

I want to give a special shout out to my new friend Linda, from Alberta Canada. She was diagnosed with BAC nearly 2 years ago as well. She found me through the Bonnie J. Addario website and we've been conversing every day. Just another friend I didn't know I had :)

Okie Dokie. That's it for tonight!

Goodnight, sleep tight,
Dream Big~

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Dave in MT said...

Interesting place, Snohomish. It was destined to be the county seat but Everett got nasty about it and won out.

100 years ago, you would have had an interesting drive to Snohomish on the fabulous road system:

More likely, you would have hopped aboard a "mosquito fleet" boat in West Stanwood and gone down the coast and up the Snohomish River: