Friday, March 28, 2008

Pig Kiss?

This morning I went to Angie's school and helped her with a little project. I love it when I go into her class (it's usually a different group of kids each time) and she asks them who they think I am. The usual answer is "your sister"? I love it...and Angie doesn't seem to mind either. I guess with her short haircut we do look a little bit alike.

Today at Jake's school he was one of the lucky guys who "had" to kiss a pig as a contest prize for the kids. For some reason, it's always funny when a man teacher has to look silly at an assembly. At least that's how I remember it. I'm trying to attach the photo but I'm having problems...please be patient.

Amy was in Tacoma today on Military duty and it's been snowing like crazy. Luckily she made it back safely but I did my share of worrying until she stopped by.

My massage therapist called me this morning and was feeling better so I got to have my massage this afternoon. My body is sore tonight, but in a good way. I think the quickest way to happiness is through a massage.

My life is complete now. We got a Guitar Hero today for our Wii. I can't wait to share photos.

Love you more than all the snow that fell today in Washington State.

Dream Big,

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Anonymous said...

I love Guitar Hero!!! Lets Rock!!