Sunday, March 09, 2008

Clock Error

You know my little joke about losing an hour? Or was that gaining an hour? Well, I got it wrong. Pam called to wake me this morning for church (and I wanted to stay in bed just a little longer) . I thought I'd closed my eyes for 10 minutes, instead, I guess I closed them for an hour and 10 minutes, got up, showered, got coffee for Pam and I and waited in the parking lot at Bank of America. Then...I discovered the clock in the car had not been changed yet. I looked at my cell phone and realized that Pam was already at church. Oops. Everything has a plan. Instead of wasting a good hairdo on doing housework, I went to the Lutheran Church I grew up in (since it's service started at 9:00). I saw lots of old friends and acquaintances I hadn't seen in a long time. The new pastor is amazing. The sermon had my name written all over it. (Apparently, he knew I'd be there). Pam met me after church and we worked on Relay for the next couple of hours. It turned out to be a spectacular day.

Though Rick's tooth is feeling a little better, he has been nauseous most of the day (and very light headed). We've been lucky thus far when it comes to being queasy. Today, his body had a different plan. His appetite is not very good either, but at least he's eating soup. I thawed meat for dinner, so I made enchiladas, and when the girls stopped by today to see us, I sent them home with lunch for the next couple of days. Jake ate his for dinner and still has some for lunch tomorrow. I never learned how to cook for 2 or 3.

My brother-in-law Jeff, is leaving for Panama for an extended period of time... He is down there working for Foss Tug. It's a great opportunity, but too much time away from his family. We're hoping he has a safe and quick journey. Until he gets home, we'll help hold down the fort.

I'm not really sure what time it is, and I don't much care. As long as TIVO has it figured out and we wake up tomorrow morning, I'll be fine.

Here's wishing you a warm and wonderful week~
Dream Big,

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