Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wacky Women Wednesday

I'm going to make this a short but sweet message. Tonight I joined some old high school friends for dinner at a dueling piano bar (small problem...there are no piano players on Wednesday nights). Truth is, we didn't need to have any pianos, our laughter was the best music we could have heard. And laugh, we did. My abs got a work out and my face hurts.

It's important that I mention all of the women at the table are 50 years old EXCEPT ME (not that I'm rubbing it in).

Rick has his scan tomorrow morning so I'd better get a little shut eye. We won't have any results until next week but I promise to share them with you when we get them.

Keep Dreaming Big~

1 comment:

CFCina said...

YEAH to all you WACKY Women in NW Washington!!! ;-)

Hope Rick's scan goes well today.

Sending lots of "happy thoughts" your way!

~ Kathy C.
A friend in Hillsboro, OR