Saturday, January 05, 2008

Great Day...

I had a wonderful day yesterday. I told you it would be a busy one and it was. But, so worth it! Besides lunch and laughter, we went to the movies (and had popcorn). Thanks for a great day, Jana, Alisha, Kelly & Morgan!

Last night Rick, Jake and I met our cousins Kelly and Shelley who were in town for the Snohomish girls basketball game. We went to the Stanwood Grill then headed up to the game. Their daughter Ally isn't playing right now...torn ACL...ugh!

I'm just getting ready to jump in the shower and get ready to meet up with Megan and her mom. They are letting me tag along today at the Seattle Wedding Show. Though no date is set yet, you can never have too much information to work with. It was very kind of them to invite me. I'm really looking forward to it. "Mother of the Groom"...Doesn't that make me sound old?

Rick and Jake will be staying home watching the Seahawks! Angie gets to go to the game....Lucky girl!

Better get going...I dont' want to keep the bride waiting :)Publish Post

Dreaming Big,

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