Saturday, January 19, 2008

21Months and Counting....

I just returned from Everett where I spoke to a group of basketball officials about forming a Relay for Life team this spring. I think I may have encouraged them to join me for my birthday celebration. It will be nice to have a stream of black and white shirts walking the track next to the basketball players from our community. That's what coming together is all about.

Rick and I are going on an afternoon date today...I think we're going to see the movie Bucket List. While we're at the movie, we're going to make our own "bucket list". It's going to be a long list....We've still got a lot to do in this life.

Today marks 21 amazing months for me. Surviving is a great thing to do... Please don't vote me off the island any time soon.

Dreaming Big,


Kevin Erickson said...

As one of the "zebras" who listened to your talk at our meeting yesterday, I assure you that we will have a team at the Stanwood Relay-for-Life. We won't miss your birthday party. Thanks for the great talk and for inspiring us.

Anonymous said...

Happy 21st!! Are you legal now?? hehe. You continue to be a huge inspiration to all of us! Exactly how far are you willing to travel to be a speaker for Relays? Just kidding, I know that McMinnville Oregon is too far to go. But please know that your message of hope and education is being spread without some dumb radio station! I just envy all the Relay Kickoff's that get to hear you speak. Better get back to planning our Kickoff, it's this coming Friday night and there is still alot to do.
Love from an Event Chair and friend in Oregon,
Karen Jones