Thursday, December 06, 2007

Scan Update...

First I would like to apologize for not posting a blog last night. I had a computer overload and a time management problem - I got busy after my appointment...Christmas shopping, a Relay for Life meeting, then decorating cookies to look like airplanes with my friend Ann. Time got away from me and sleep took over. But, here's what I know:

Dr. Eaton has another doctor he works with named Krystyna Soltysiak. She is hilarious and warm and I think we may have been separated at birth (a few years apart...she's much younger). I've had the pleasure of seeing both Krystyna and Dr. Eaton my last two visits. She tells me it's because of people like me that she comes to work each day, I tell her it's because of Doc's like mine that I keep coming to Seattle for care. I am so lucky. (There is that word again...)

The scan continued to look stable. So, I will continue taking Tarceva like a good patient. Dr. Eaton gave me copies of my last couple of reports (to keep for my files - if I need them for anything). Sometimes, I'm oblivious to what's happening in my body. I know I have lung cancer, but so far, it doesn't HAVE me. The report says I have "numerous bilateral sub-centimeter pulmonary nodules scattered throughout both lungs, and the largest is 9mm". Though I don't know what that means, the word STABLE is also on the report and that's the word I'm always looking for. :)

Next month, I'm just having a check up. No tests. No scans. Just a doctor's visit.

I hope you're all as relieved as I am. The holidays seem much brighter now, so bright in fact, that I may need to wear my fancy Palm Springs sunglasses just to enjoy the season.

Rick is feeling a little rough after this last chemo. We're having a family Christmas this weekend so I hope he's doing better by then. He never complains so I'm just giving you my personal assessment (and since I'm almost a doctor you should believe everything I say). I'm looking forward to a weekend of family fun - and football....

Love you more than all the presents I have to wrap by Sunday :)

Dreaming Big,


Kathy said...

Great news on your doctor's visit! Tell your docs next time you see them that all us Relayers think "THEY ROCK"!

Have a great time wrapping all those gifts! Enjoy you wearing thos fancy shades! Most importantly, have a wonderful time this weekend with your family!!!

~ Kathy C.
A friend in Hillsboro, OR

Anonymous said...

You ARE stable...

Thanks for sharing and caring -and having such a positive effect on all of your friends and readers!

Anonymous said...

ANOTHER PRAYER answered :)

Have a GREAT MERRY CHRISTMAS weekend. Still getting PC orders!

Love ya

Anonymous said...

Don't do that again!! When you say you have to go get results, then not post a blog, it scares us!! But then you get on and make us laugh and we forgive you. What, you think you have a life besides keping all of us posted?? :)
Thank ALL the Gods that you are ok. Have a blessed weekend and keep dreaming!
Love from Oregon,