Sunday, December 02, 2007

Rainy, Windy, Football Sunday

I thought we would wake up this morning to a white December...but the rain took over in the middle of the night and we had slush instead. That's ok, we had things to do and we're not quite ready to be housebound. (it's a little early in the season for that) Tonight we've been hit with plenty of wind and rain and that's not good for flooding areas.

I went to a Pampered Chef party today that my friend Kelly had as a fundraiser for Relay For Life. I got an e-mail from her tonight and so far she's raised $500. Way to go Kelly. It's not even 2008 yet and you've already got a great start~ I rode to the party with my dear friend Jana who I haven't seen in months. We used to sit together at sporting events and serve on committees together, but now that our children have graduated, we don't get the opportunity to visit near as much as we should.

Tonight we had dinner with Rick's brother and his wife. Dawn knows we like pork roast, so she invites us over every once in a while when she makes one. Dinner was wonderful. Doesn't it always taste better when someone else makes it?

I missed seeing Amy and Angie this weekend. They've been busy girls lately and I have to remember they have lives of their own.... I hope to see them both tomorrow night :)

Only 23 days til Christmas (or 22 if you're reading this on Monday). I keep hearing a commercial on TV that says Americans produce 20 million more pounds of waste during the holidays and that we should give experiences instead of wrapped presents. Hum, sounds like a great idea.

Love you more than all the raindrops that keep falling on my head...
Big Dreamer Dor

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