Sunday, December 23, 2007

Just another day in paradise

I feel a little guilty while playing in the water and laying on the white sandy beach with my family, while you are all doing your frantic last minute Christmas shopping.

The weather is beautiful today. Mid to low 80’s, no rain (we got a little yesterday). We all ate breakfast around 10:00 then, played Frisbee in the water for a couple of hours. Our hotel offers floating devices, footballs, basketballs, tennis racquets and other stuff to keep us active. It also offers fun fruity drinks like Miami Vice and Bahama Mama’s to mellow us out. It’s a good balance.

I’m upstairs writing the blog as the kids are checking the football scores (It’s still a Sunday even if we’re in the Bahamas). Rick is down on the beach laying in the shade in a hammock.

On Monday night (Christmas Eve) the Bahamas holds a festival called Junkanoo (it’s a Mardi Gras ~ Bahamian Style) The celebration starts at 1:00 am on Christmas morning and goes through New Years. I’m hoping to drag the family to the parade in town, but our cab driver said we might need to by tickets for a seat and who knows how early we’ll need to be there if it starts at 1:00?

It’s great to be here with the whole family. Rick and I have made the kids crazy (ok, mostly me) but I think it was because of a lack of sleep. Our last official vacation (that didn’t involve cancer or a sporting event) was Spring Break of Amy and Angie’s freshman year of high school. April 1992. We need to do this a little more often, don’t ya think?

That’s it for today. We’ve added a few photos to help get you in the mood for a white sand Christmas.

Dreaming Big,
Dor and Family

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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to my favorite family in Seattle!!! - Andrea (Bonnie's Daughter)