Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bahama Mama

Greetings from the Bahamas! Our first full day on Paradise Island started after a much needed 12 hour sleep (a little longer for some of us). Around 9:30 AM the kids began their day of fun in the sun by relaxing in lounge chairs on the white sandy beach. Although it was very calming, it didn’t last long before they needed to get active. They ended up playing football and Frisbee in the water for hours. We got together as a family for lunch and then visited a local cafĂ© where we were thrilled to see a “Wireless Internet” sign in the window. This will be our daily hangout in order to keep everyone updated on our vacation adventures.

Today marked Rick’s one year anniversary as a cancer survivor. It is hard to believe it was a year ago that we heard those unbelievable words. To celebrate this milestone the kids made reservations at the nicest restaurant in the hotel for Rick and I and had arranged for a piece of cheese cake to be delivered to him with a candle in it. I got a little bit emotional when that happened. We really do have great kids!

Tomorrow will likely be filled with similar activities as today, only we hope to join the kids in some of their water games. You should see how tan the kids are already; this vacation is exactly what we all needed.

Dreaming Big with fruity drinks in our hands,



Anonymous said...

It sounds as though you 5 are having a great time. Enjoy the Holidays, God Bless.

From soggy Camano,


Anonymous said...

Enjoy every minute of the sun and warm weather 'cause it's raining and cold in the northwest right now! Enjoy making those memories and take lots of pictures! And have a wonderful (warm) Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

You guys look GREAT with Palm Trees! Have a most WONDERFUL time.


XO Morgan and Kelly