Friday, December 14, 2007

Happy 500th Blog

Wow. When did I find the time to do all this writing? If I was any good at math I could estimate just how many words I typed...but you know my math skills... so we'll just skip by that equation.

As usual, I've crammed more things in my days than I had time for so I'm just now writing a blog at 11:00 at night. Some days I wish I could just stay home, read a book, knit...but I seem to have this yearning for doing everything right now. Oil change, last minute shopping for things I don't need, stopped by Angie's school 2 days in a row, made 6 dozen sugar cookies for Jake's class, cooked a turkey, went to a work Christmas party, cooked a little holiday feast for Rick's employees, cut Cathy's hair, went to Jake's school and decorated the cookies with the kids, had dinner and saw a movie with Aunt Jessie and Uncle Mel....Then tomorrow it's fundraising for our Relay for Life team and a cousin Christmas party in Millcreek. Sunday will be a day of REST~and I mean it (unless I get a better offer :)

Today Jake had his final day of student teaching. Mr. Chaplik (the teacher Jake worked under) invited me back for a special celebration they were having. The students all wrote Jacob a letter and assembled a book for him. They each brought a book (or a collection of books) to add to his classroom library (when he gets a classroom someday) as well as adding to his classroom sporting equipment (basketball, football, baseball). One of the first things I saw when I arrived in the class this afternoon was a little boy wearing a shirt that said "Everything I learned in 5th grade, I learned from Mr. Schmitt". It was hilarious. I took a photo of this little guy with Jake and I plan on posting the photo, I just need to get the mom's approval first.
To make the day even that much better, when we got home, Jake's teaching certificate from WSU was waiting in the mailbox.'s official.

When I stay this busy it's easy to forget all the stuff going on in our lives. So for now, I'm just going to keep on going strong. When it's time for me to slow down....the body will let me know.

I'm hoping to post some new photos on Sunday. Until then, thanks again for dancing through life with us.

Dreaming Big (500 times)

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Anonymous said...

Happy 500th ! Thanks for inspiring and sharing your journey with all of us. Merry christmas and have fun on your vacation.

Love Beccy, Scott and Zach