Saturday, November 03, 2007

We're in Portland

Yesterday Angie and I flew to Portland (and boy...our arms are tired) to speak at Portland's Relay University today. I intended to write yesterday but once we got to the airport, we couldn't get wireless internet, and our flight was canceled (not just delayed), so we spent the next couple of hours waiting on stand-by. Luckily we got the 2nd or 3 flight out and made it to Portland in time to meet the committee from the Portland Relay and go out for dinner with Angie's friend, Shannon and an old friend and college basketball teammate, Martha. The 4 of us had a great time, but the girls brought me back to the hotel to get some much needed sleep before our big day today.

I know this blog has made it's way across the country, but I didn't realize how many people from the Portland area have been reading it. Everyone we met last night felt like they knew us already. I hope it's doing the job of keeping people smiling and dreaming big.

I'm going to spend my morning laying low then join the committee for some of their sessions.
I guess I'd better get up and start getting ready. It will be time to give my speech before I know it.

I'm missing one of my oldest and dearest friends 50th birthday party tonight. I double booked myself, but we're going to spend some special time together after I get home. But until then, HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY CINDY LOU!

Health wise... Rick is still mending but feeling pretty good, I'm just doing a little extra coughing, but we're coming into cold season so that's to be expected, Amy is at her drill weekend in Spokane and she sounds terrible. She woke up Friday morning with a sore throat and terrible head cold. When I called her last night, she sounded terrible. I' hope she's feeling better this morning.

Until later, keep dreaming big and have a wonderful weekend.



CFCINA said...

You guys were AMAZING! Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy lives to come and speak today at Relay University in Portland. It was great to finally meet you and an honor to hear you both speak. Looks like the element of surprise was successful and so many folks didn't know you were speaking -- they were blown away that we got you at our Relay U. Keep sharing your story and Dreamin' Big!

~ Kathy Cina
A friend in Hillsboro, Oregon

Anonymous said...

I second Kathy!! I was SO excited when they introduced Angie, and about had a coranary when Angie intoduced you, Doreen!! I had been telling your story to 2 of my committee members on the way to Relay U that morning, so when you stood up, I was whisper-yelling "That's her!! That's the one who I told you about!!!!" It was like meeting a rock star! You are truly inspiring and it was HUGE to hear you speak and meet you! Thanks for taking a picture with me!
Karen from Oregon!!