Saturday, November 03, 2007

Lives were touched...

Lives were touched today. Ours. Sometimes you're asked to do a favor for someone, and it ends up that you get the better deal out of it. That was the case for us today. Angie and I met some incredible people who treated us like royalty. It still feels strange to meet someone for the first time and find out they already know everything about you. I guess that's what happens when you write a daily blog. I'll eventually get used to it!

After the event was over the we went to dinner with 6 other people (They're our new best friends) I've received some really nice e-mails from people in Oregon and now I can put a face to their names. Hello new friends :) I'm not sure if they'll invite us back, I showed them my crazy side. Oh wait, I only have a crazy side. I guess they saw the real me.

Though we've had a wonderful time down here and we plan on coming back for some of their relays, I'm ready to get back home to my honey. I'm sure he did fine without me, but I'd like to think he needs me.

Thanks again to everyone we met at the Portland Relay University. It's obvious that you have a strong passion for a great cause. Best of luck on your individual relays and we hope to see you soon.

Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back

Dream Big,

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Libby said...

It was wonderful to meet you both at the Relay U :) Hope to see you at the West Clark County Relay in July!