Friday, October 19, 2007

The truth comes out...Surprise

We're in California. We are staying at a beautiful hotel call the St. Regis. I feel like royalty :) Tonight was a surprise 60th birthday party for Bonnie. And was she ever surprised? I couldn't write about it because she reads this daily, so I've had to act like nothing was going on. I almost blew up with excitement. We had an amazing time at a place called the Supper Club. We were served a 5 course meal in bed (that was spread out over 3 hours). Sounds kind of crazy, but it was actually a wonderful experience and the food was very good. I'll post photos later.

Massage therapists wandered around the room and you could buy a massage (with clothes on) so, Rick bought one for each of us and we laid on our mattress/dining area and had a wonderful 15 minute massage of our back and shoulders. Rick said it felt like a little piece of Heaven.

Once I found out about this party, I've barely talked or written to Bonnie. I was so afraid I would blow it. Rick and I hid out of sight a little so it was about 20 minutes or so before Bonnie even saw us there. Again, she was very surprised. We shed a few tears but that's nothing new.

My headache is virtually gone. I had a little one on the way down to California on Wednesday, but nothing since. I was a little worried about Rick last night before we left to go to the party. He was having some pain near his incision site from his surgery last December. He was feeling better as the night went on and we have an appointment on Tuesday for him, so we'll mention it to the doctor. We're thinking he might be allergic to San Francisco. I think he's allergic to so much excitement.

I'd better go now. We don't have much longer in California and I want to savor every last minute.

Dreaming Big...

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Janeen said...

I was going to write a comment yesterday asking why you didn't mention that you were on your way to San Francisco. I'm glad I didn't spill the beans.
HAPPY 60TH BONNIE!!! I hope to meet you some day soon.
Have a glorious weekend, Reener & Rick! I'll be anxious to see those pictures of you guys in bed!
Love & squeezes,