Thursday, October 18, 2007

Oops, I missed a day

I was a little brain dead yesterday. The headache is finally getting better, so I've been trying to get some things done that I been slacking on. Sorry ~

Tuesday, Debra Smith a reporter from the Everett Herald came for an interview. She started our story over a year ago and has something in the works. I'll let you know if it ever becomes news worthy. I did my Taco Tuesday special will all my buddies (which always brightens my day). Then ran errands all day long (ok I drove to do the errands, I didn't run). Yesterday was very much the same kind of day, minus the tacos :)

Rick's tooth is starting to feel better. Of all the different drugs he takes, his new antibiotic is the only one he ever complains about. I know when he just took it because I can hear him in the kitchen making horrible noises. He says it's the nastiest thing he's ever tasted. We're hoping the foot pain lightens up this week since he has the week off from chemo pills. Then everything starts up again on Tuesday.

Yesterday in Marysville there was a bank robbery at Shoultes Wells Fargo. On the news they said they closed down the high school and an elementary school because the bank robber was armed and on the loose. Angie teaches at Shoultes Elementary so my brain immediately thought it was her school. (You know, something new to worry about). It turned out to be a different elementary school, no one got hurt, and bank robber finally turned himself in so it turned out to be a happy ending. For me at least. I'm sure the women from the bank aren't very happy :(

I'm going to see the chiropractor at least one more time. I think the adjustment was just what I needed. My ribs were out of whack (maybe from the coughing) and my neck was crooked (not visibly but internally). What a difference it has made so far.

My "new friend" Ellen has been in the news lately and I feel very bad for her. It has happened to all of us, when we think we're doing something good for someone and it turns out so bad. I hope it all works out for the best. If anything was to be learned from this, it's that we should all read documents we are signing better than we do. I'm starting today.

Dreaming without a headache :)

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