Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A Message from Jake

I normally don't get on here and write because I feel indifferent about the whole world knowing our daily life. If it motivates people, and makes my mom feel good, that's great, but when someone stops me in the grocery store to ask how my shoulder is feeling from all of the Wii or a complete stranger asks me about something I did the previous day, it can be weird.

Tonight is different. I am writing and I hope everyone reads it (but please don't ask me about it in the grocery store tomorrow morning). I am writing to inform everyone that on Sunday night, while getting into the shower, I found a small pea sized lump on one of my testicles. I immediately told my mom and I made an appointment to get everything checked out today. The doctor said he is 99% confident that based on its location and size, it is not anything out of the ordinary, but I will get an ultrasound next week so we all feel better about it. He told me that I did the right thing by coming in when I discovered it, and taking this seriously. I am at the prime age when males are at the highest risk of getting testicular cancer (18-30). With all of the "cancer" that we have been dealt this past year, I wasn't taking any chances.

Women are encouraged to get mammograms and do self exams all the time. Guys, we need to be doing the same thing with our bodies. We need to be aware of how things normally feel so we have something to compare it to when something suddenly feels different.



Anonymous said...

It takes courage to get on here and tell that story. I am so glad that you are ok!

Love you-

Anonymous said...

Hi Jake, I love you and I'm glad that your "twins" are okay!! Aunt Pammy

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jake, you are a great teacher.


Anonymous said...

You may not speak often, but when you do, it's powerful. Thank you for reminding our men to be aware of changes in their bodies. I will share your message with my two sons.