Friday, October 12, 2007

The Engagement

Tonight Jake and Megan got engaged. We've been busting at the seams to keep it a secret. Last Thursday night, Jake took Megan's parents and Rick and I out to dinner to ask us for our blessing. We were all happy to give it. Then on Tuesday, Jake, Rick and Ken (Megan's dad) went ring shopping together. The ring is beautiful (the picture doesn't do it justice).

No date is set. Though Jake and Megan both graduated from WSU last May, Megan still has 3 years in the Physical Therapy program at the University of Washington. Jake is still doing his student teaching, then he'll need to find a teaching job. We already felt like Megan was a part of our family (she and Jake have been dating for 3 years). Now this confirms it. We're happy to have the rest of her family join our gang as well.

Megan and her mom have invited me to join them when they go out wedding shopping...I can't wait. I know it won't be for a while, but it gives me one more reason to keep fighting hard.

Love is all you need.

Dreaming Big,


Anonymous said...

Just had to say CONGRATS! We folks at Jake's school were waiting to hear how it all went last night! What a joyful time for your family!
Jane L.

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATION Jake and Megan!!!!!! We are sooooo excited for you! Just to let you know, it turns out our running contest is a tie! Anna and Nick got engaged last night at sunset! As you know it really wasn't a contest who would get engaged first! Your mom and I are just sooo excited that you and Anna have found such incredible mates to spend the rest of your lives together with. Welcome to the extended family Megan!! God Bless you guys!! Love Cathy and Reid

Anonymous said...

Congrats to all!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Megan and Jake!


Anonymous said...

Congrats to the family! It seems like only yesterday Jake and I were 'students of the month' at Stanwood High. Now he is engaged and I have a child! Wow how time goes by fast! By the way Dor, check out my blog..its all about Makena

Sara Cutforth-Cross

Heather said...

I don't even know your family and you've got me crying happy tears for Jake and Megan. Congrats!

Relayer from Oregon City