Sunday, September 16, 2007

The weekend is over already! Ugh

The weekend went by fast. Too fast. We spent lots of time with the kids, had dinner with Rick's brother and his wife, watched a bunch of football and just relaxed. Apparently, by the photo...Rick and I weren't doing a lot of football watching. Instead we were doing a little football snoozing.

At church this morning, the first thing out of the pastor's mouth was..."we're all going to die". I leaned over to Pam and's time for me to go now. The truth is, the message was just what I needed to hear. We're all going to die ~ some sooner than others, some when they least expect it, and some after long hard battles. We can't control any of that. What we can do, is live life. Be kind. Appreciate good things and people. Let someone know you love them before it's too late. I hope I'm doing all these things and more. I hope you are too.

My back (shingle area) is bugging me a little tonight so I think I'll head off to bed. Tomorrow is my first official day of long term medical leave but I'm going into work for a bit. I can't just walk away from the place and people I love. Besides, I have to clean out my office... you know... Un-Doreen it a little. Oh, I'll leave a bunch of unfinished business so they have to call me every once in a while. I still need to be needed, just not as often... :)

Sweet Big Dreams,


amy schmitt said...

For anyone who is curious what the Schmitt house looked like on Sunday.... see exhibit A above. Mom slept on dad's chest for 3/4 of the game. Dad took little cat naps every now and then, as did Angie.... and Jake was gone.

I had the camera so I decided to capture this moment. It doesn't get much better than this.


Cammy said...

I can not tell you how much I admire you. One of the most profound things that touched me was when I was taking my Death and Dieing class with WSU and the Prof. said in a lecture:"We are all born dieing, what matters is how we live our time here on earth". This came right at the time I was losing my Dad to Cancer. It sucks and is so awful what is happening to you, Rick and your kids, and there may never be a answer to the "WHY'S" but you have to treasure every waking moment we have. I forget that daily when I get wrapped up in life and all. Know that we think you are both wonderful, and I admire you so much and you have touched my life by me knowing you. That is all we can hope for in our lives. Plus having great kids. If you ever need to barrow Drew for a pick-me-up, I will send him over. If I use part of your words for a bulletin board is that okay, the live life etc...Hope so. I love ya and wish I could take some of the yuck away for you both. Always in our thought and prayers.

heather said...

Love the picture ... that's what Sundays are supposed to be about! Looks like Doreen found the perfect spot to rest her head.
Oregon City