Saturday, September 15, 2007

Polka Dotted Rick

So far the belly injections are going well....except for the part where Rick uses his foot to push me away because he doesn't want a shot, and how he always says "did you wash your hands?" just after he hears the water in the bathroom being turned off, oh~and then there is the fact that he has a polka dotted belly from all the shots. Literally. His stomach has maroon colored dots every place I've put a needle in him. (except for the one time I gave him a big bruise, but we're not talking about that time...I was still practicing).

I had coffee this morning with Cathy since we hadn't seen each other in far too long. While the coffee was delicious, the friendship and laughter was worth the whole trip to town. She brought me a daily devotional to read for encouragement. I started today and I can't wait to finish it next September 14th, 2008. Reason number 48,930 to stay healthy.

Jake's girlfriend, Megan is here from Seattle for the weekend (wiikend). Tonight we had a nice BBQ and Angie joined us (then did up all the dishes). Amy was in Seattle all day for the UW vs. Ohio State football game so she wasn't around. The best part is, tomorrow is another Seahawk Sunday so we'll all be together again. Is it silly that I still love having our kids around all the time? I'll admit we played a little Wii today (in between painting the deck) and it's still as much fun as it was the first day we got it. I feel like a 12 year old just talking about it.

The only problem I've been facing lately is that I tend to cough when I laugh and you know how much I love to laugh. So, I'm trying to stay away from funny people and stuff. Just kidding, I make myself cough all the time (remember...I think I'm funny).

Good night, sleep tight...and DREAM BIG~

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