Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Oops, I missed another day...

Sorry about my lack of blogging on Tuesday. My entire day involved, cleaning out my closet (I was looking for something to wear on the Ellen show, and at Disneyland, and on the set of General Hospital, and out for dinner)...With what I discovered in my closet I am going to have to go naked. Sorry about the visual. :(

Actually, I am going to work for a while this morning (volunteering) then I'm going to spoil myself by shopping a little for our "girls weekend". We are going to have a ball. I can't wait!

A little bad news from yesterday...Rick went for a scan then chemotherapy. Though we don't have all the scan reports back (we won't get them until Wednesday) they did call Rick's oncologist to say that blood clots were also found in his lungs. I freaked (because I didn't go along to the appointment) but Rick and Dave Q. said they didn't seem too alarmed because Rick is already on the blood thinner shots. The bad news for Rick is that he will still have 2 shots a day for the next 2 weeks (not one shot a day like we were hoping) but as long as they save his life...what's another dot on your belly? Before too long, Rick won't even notice when I put the rubber gloves on.

This week would have been 7 days of worry for me, but with all the excitement surrounding us, I've almost forgotten about the 26th. I know you are all wanting to "adopt" my kids right about now...but sorry...they already have parents. Parents, who are going to beat this ridiculous disease and laugh about it 20 years from now.

One last note, today is my 17th month survival mark. 17 months? Remember when I was excited about 17 days?

Love you more than all the photos I'll be taking this weekend.

Dreaming and dancing with my mouse ears on...


Anonymous said...


Dreaming and dancing right along with you!

Love, hugs, and all that other mushy stuff,

Linda Z.

Anonymous said...

You are going to the happiest place on earth? What is that like? = ) I'll get there some day! I hope you have a fabulous time on the Ellen Show and I might have to call in sick that day so I can watch. Wear some mouse ears for me too!!...whatever those are. (KIDDING....I know what those are.)
We'll get there.
Hugs, Dani