Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It's official

Jake was reassigned to Stanwood for his student teaching. He is scheduled to work at Cedarhome Elementary (less than a mile from our home). We're all excited for him. He will be working in a 5th grade classroom with Mr. Chaplick. From what others have told me, it will be a great fit.

Today was fairly uneventful though busy. I keep thinking we're going to catch up at work, but something new keeps popping up. I guess that's what they call job security.

Rick hasn't slept well since his last chemo treatment. I'm really hoping tonight will be a better night. I didn't know he was having trouble sleeping because I was out like a light. Sorry Rick :(
Other than the lack of sleep for Rick and a little extra coughing from me, we're doing well. If you didn't read the blog everyday you wouldn't know there was anything wrong at the Schmitt House!

Tomorrow all the staff comes back to work so it will be another busy day. I'd better call it a night (you know...I'm trying to get all the beauty sleep I can)

Love you more than all the students who start school in September.

Dream Big,


Anonymous said...

Hi Doreen!
I work at Cedarhome and am so excited to have Jake join our "family". Matt Chaplik is a great teacher and I am sure Jake will learn so much from him. I just hope Jake likes to dress up as Elvis...don't worry he'll find out soon enough what that is about! Hope to see you soon..love to you all..Jill K

Anonymous said...

Yeah for Jake!

Linda Z.